Traverso Festival 20-22 July 2018

It’s time for the 3nd Traverso Festival! Friday 20th, Saturday 21th and Sunday 22th of July in Kallithea, Lakithra, Livathos area!


Αναλυτικό Πρόγραμμα

Friday 20 July -  20:30

World Crossroads

M.Chrysikou contemporary dance group

Dancing under the stars with the music of Mark Eliyahu and Ludovico Einaudi...

The Double Journey – A preformative book presentation 

A biterrsweet story about the endless loop of immigration.


We Ker Choir

We Ker is a highschool choir singing songs from all around the world.

Singapore Strings

Mostly -but not only- Funk, Jazz & Motown in a party mood!


Experimental world music from the middle east to the west and up to the stars!


Saturday 21 July - 20:30

The Rocking Lakithra Experience

M.Sklavounakis guitar ensemble

Quitar ensemble by young quitarists performing songs by Scott Joplin and The Beatles.

The Venial Sin

Combining garage, psychedelia and punk, post and beyond!

Salto Mortale

Hard 'n' heavy rock with Greek lyrics but international impact!


Sunday 22 July - 20:30

Self-organized Traditional Feast

Some of Kefalonia's best musicians will be joining in. We’ll have violin, guitar, bouzouki, baglama, mandolin, oud, piano as well as other traditional and non, instruments. However, the more the merrier! So, bring your own instrument to the fair, and let’s become a great big music company!

The Sunday buffet will be on a voluntary basis, which means that we all bring tasty food and exchange the flavors! Finger food is served easier so it is preferable. Home-made patties, potato dishes, crunchy croquettes, personal favorites, cool salads - everything that is made with fresh garden products is more than welcome!

Bring your own instrument to the fair, and let’s become a great big music company!


Instructions to the festival

Free Entrance. For some activities contributions would be  greatly appreciated.

A bar will be serving on all three days. On Sunday, since its ‘bring your own food party’, the food is free!

Take care of the venue by disposing cigarettes properly (bring your own ashtray) and by choosing the right bins for your rubbish; recycling, or plain rubbish.

If you want to sit in maximum comfort, bring your own cushion!



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We warmly thank all contributors, participants and volunteers!

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 See you all there!


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